Bobst Library,  New York University

Bobst Library
70 Washington Square South, New York, NY 10012

Please note that Bobst Library is open only to those with a valid NYU ID. For more on access to Bobst's Library, please visit the Library Privileges page. Limited tours may be arranged by calling 212-998-2502 or emailing lib-accommodations@nyu.edu.

If you have swipe access to the Library, continue through the gates. If not, ask the Security Guard or Privileges staff to call Lauren Kehoe. Enter through the Library's entry gates and the exhibition is in the center of Bobst's Atrium on the first floor. 

Lamont Library, Harvard University

Lamont Library
11 Quincy St, Cambridge MA 02138

Please note that Lamont Library is open only to those with a valid Harvard ID. For more on access to Harvard’s Library, please visit the Access Services page. Limited tours may be arranged by calling 617-496-3670 or emailing touchthispage@gmail.com.

At 11 Quincy St, you can enter Harvard Yard through Lamont Gate. Harvard Yard is in front of you. It is surrounded by a wrought iron fence that is about eight feet high and has a concrete curb at the bottom that one can trail with a cane. The fence has several gates to enter the campus. 

In the middle of the entrance to the gate there is a single, metal cylinder about four feet high to prevent motorized traffic. To take the ramp into the building, turn left 90 degrees just after this cylinder and the open door to the gate. There will be an area with bikes on the left and a row of bushes on the right. Continue up the ramp and at its top, Lamont Library will be on your left and the yard on your right. To take the stairs, continue straight past the cylinder along the row of bushes to your left. Ten feet after the end of this row of bushes, turn 90 degrees to your left. There will be three deep and shallow steps to across the entire entrance of Lamont. 

At the top of these stairs and the ramp, the main entrance to Lamont has six, recessed glass doors with concrete pillars on either side. These doors lead into the vestibule which has another set of glass doors. These doors then lead into the lobby. Enter in either of the two doors farthest from Quincy Street. After both sets of doors, you will enter the lobby with a security station at 10:00 and two sets of swipe-access lanes in front of you. 

If you have swipe access, continue through the gates. If not, ask the Security Guard to call David Weimer. Enter through these gates and go forward about 30 feet until you reach a carpeted area, at which point you should turn 90 degrees to the right. Continue another 30 feet. There are often two upholstered chairs on this path, so you may need to turn slightly around them. As you walk, there will an alleyway through the stacks on your left. Continue past this one and then along a row of books. The exhibition is a second alleyway, just past a scanning station that will be on your right. 

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